It’s Not You, It’s Me

  • Grappling with old, annoyingly familiar but no less effective limiting beliefs about my talent, skill and capacity.
  • Crippling self doubt, self criticism and self loathing (is my book garbage? am I garbage?).
  • Guilt (I didn’t do what I said I’d do when I said I’d do it).
  • Shame (I help others with this stuff all the time, so I’m a total hypocrite).
  • Wrestling with imposter syndrome (who the hell do I think I am to write this? I don’t have a PhD, so I have no right to share my ideas).
  • Fears and survival mechanisms: patterned actions that I habitually fall into whenever I’m doing anything outside of my comfort zone.
  • Procrastination (doing anything but the thing I said I’d do).
  • Losing faith and trust in myself in myself (because of the procrastination).
  • Avoidance, distraction and diversion.



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Bay LeBlanc Quiney

Bay LeBlanc Quiney

Executive Leadership Coach living in Victoria, BC. I write like I think/talk.